Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Virtual Speculative Building?

A. A Virtual Spec Building is an industrial building that has been designed in a speculative way, but has yet to be built.

Q. What are the advantages of a Virtual Speculative Building over a traditional spec building?

A. Communities build speculative buildings to provide a ready-to-occupy structure to draw new business to the community. Historically, this ready-to-occupy “ideal” is rarely realized, with the speculative building needing extensive modifications to suit the specific needs of a new business. The result is a process that often equals, and sometimes exceeds, the timeline of building a new custom building. With a Virtual Spec Building, nothing has been actually built, but everything else has been done, making it easier to build a custom building, specially tailored for the new business.

Q. What has been done to ensure that a Virtual Speculative Building can be built in a timely manner?

A. Everything that can be done, short of final design and construction, has been done.

  • A site feasibility study has been completed, showing the extent to which this site can be developed.
  • Consultation with Architectural/Engineering professionals have yielded a preliminary design, ready to incorporate a prospective new business’ specific requirements.
  • Consultation with Construction Professionals has yielded a cost/schedule analysis.
  • Utilities analysis and upgrade planning has been done.
  • And, an execution team has been established who have been overseeing this process with the cooperation of administrative agencies.

Q. How far is the site from the nearest interstate?

A. The site is approximately 5 miles from I-40. The site is also approximately 5 miles from Highway 412. The site is along Highway 22, which connects to I-40 and Highway 412.